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Tim Harrison is a Canadian writer of songs and stories. His poignant themes and vivid images reveal him as a teller of our time, an archetypal traveller singing with compassion and hope.

Hailing from Grey County, Tim's debut on the folk scene was the release of his album "Train Going East", produced by folk legend Stan Rogers and engineered by Daniel Lanois. He performed throughout Canada and the United States in the 1980s and 1990s, recorded on Ariel Rogers' label, Cole Harbour, and was actively involved in promoting folk music during this time as a radio host, concert promoter and as artistic director of various festivals across the country (Summerfolk (founder), Mariposa Folk Festival, Northwinds, Eaglewood Folk Festival).

Since 1999, Tim has been working full-time on his own music, writing, recording and touring.  His music has been published in the venerable Sing Out, and has garnered great praise in the pages of Folk Roots, Acoustic Guitar, Penguin Eggs, Dirty Linen and a host of other publications.  His last CD, "Grey County", enjoyed wide airplay, positioning Tim for 8 consecutive months in the top 10 of Canadians receiving airplay internationally in 2005 (folkdj-l).

Yet Tim's talent extends far beyond the recording studio and onto the stage itself as a consummate performer known for his compelling singing, stellar guitar-work, and commanding stage presence. His delightful wit and uncanny knack for storytelling make him an audience favourite. Enthusiastic response to his recordings and performances has led to tours across Canada, the United States, and the UK, where Tim has performed everywhere from Toronto's Harbourfront Centre for the Performing Arts to Canso's Stan Rogers Folk Festival, from New York's Caffe Lena to Washington's Kennedy Center, and from England's Midland Arts Centre to Scotland's An Lanntair Arts Centre.

 For a decade or so, from 2009 to 2019, Tim spent his time on the west coast of Canada, ever involved in the arts, producing concerts, performing, and writing.  In 2019 he published his book "Acoustic Espionage, Folk Clubs, Festivals, and Maps Of Paris, the story of his starting the Summerfolk Music And Crafts Festival, and his journey of personal growth as a writer and performing artist.  In 2020 Tim moved back to his home town of Owen Sound, Ontario with his partner Carol where he has recorded his new collection of songs, "Backporch Confidential" and become part of the hosting team on the radio show "Georgian Bay Roots," the official radio show of Summerfolk.
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